Sunday, April 26, 2009


Ohhhh my gosh.

It's 90 degrees today. I have been outside since 11 am and I'm toasted, now I'm about to nap, but I'd thought I'd write quick since SO MUCH is going on. Yesterday I went to my mom's and we went to the Lewisburg Arts Fest, which is my favvvv but I got a wicked sunburn, and as much as it hurts - it's cooling off fast and I'm so glad to actually have some freaking color on this stupid skin of mine!

ANYWAY! My Pell grant was doubled, meaning my refund will be doubled, I'm going to make over 3 grand babysitting over the summer because Alicia wants me also, and my Gallery interview is tomorrow, and if I get it - - I'm probably gonna rent a NY Style Loft in South side!!!! IF there's any still available, I talked to the woman before and I just emailed her Friday night - they're only 1950.00 per semester plus electric, so tomorrow has the possibility of changing my entire life. I've been thinking about it so much, all the things I need and how I want to decorate and such. I can't wait until tomorrow!

My birthdays comingggggggg, I'm trying to decide how and when to have my parties - man I have so much work to do and things to organize mannnnn. I can't wait to start babysitting so I can start saving up!

I have to watch Narnia and nap now cause the sun sucked out all my energy!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I'm finally better. Today I worked my ass off catching up, trying to get things done since I only have two weeks left of school. I painted from 11-3, showered, had class at 5 and then was in the photo lab until 930. I got alot done, which is great. I can't wait until the semester's over.

I have my gallery position interview on Monday. I'm wayyy excited, I really hope they pick me, I wish I really had something to sell them with.

Shane's been online all day, with like love song away messages and it's driving me crazy cause he doesn't answer me and hasn't said anything. He just got off, figures. God, it hurts so much to even think about him.

Ron lost his fight, he had to tap pretty quick when he got stuck in an armbar and dislocated his elbow. He'll be okay though, just has to rest it for a few more days. I'm still proud of him, can't wait until his next one.

I babysat Loralie twice last week, it was really nice out, we chalked and blew bubbles all day. I have to watch her again Friday. I'm giving blood on Thursday. I wish it was the weekend. Ughhhhhhh. My heart hurts.

Friday, April 17, 2009


I'm working out today cause my ass gained 6 lbs being sick, doing nothing. EW.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I want to vaccuum out my sinuses.
I need to give blood soon. I hope I am healthy tomorrow.

I cannot sit still any longer.

Monday, April 13, 2009


I woke up really sick today, I'm feeling a little better.
Here's some party pics, I never look this cute when I'm drunk, HA!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


So Thursday night, I got out of class at 7, went to Ash's got out of my car got into hers, and Jess, her and I went to the State College mall, walked around for a bit, went to Charlotte Russe, I got new sunglasses and a sweet ring. Then we went and picked up Micah, he treated us all to Perkins, how nice of him! Too bad it made me just about shit myself on the way home, and made Micah sick later too.

But anyway, we got back, met up with Shane, Jed, and Marshall - Ashley and I went to Wegman's got jello and things, I saw Tony and we talked for a bit. Then we went back to the apartment and started making the Jello shots. We made four trays. Then we hung out for a while, and I made it home around 3.

So yesterday I got up at noon, and made Ashley's cake, did my nails, got around, did laundry, took a shower, then went back up to the apartment - made macaroni for me and Micah, went to Wegman's to get coke and bagel bites. Came back and then the party got started, had some Captain and Cokes, I ate most of the jello shots, had a couple shots of Turkey... it was nice to see everyone, Ashley liked her cake until Anthony smeared it all over her face.

Everything was really good until the cops showed up, but luckily pretty much everyone except me, Jess, Ash, and Micah were either straight edge or of age, so we hid in the closets but I guess they didn't even open the door, so the cops left and we tried to kick some people out cause we were getting tired and we knew the cops would be watching who left, so we told the sober people to just go. Then some stupid ass neighbor girls just walked in, and started talking to people and were like who lives here?! And Ashley was like "I DO, now get the fuck out." They were not quick to leave and we got pissed, then people really started to leave and Chris Geist and I made bagel bites and pizza rolls for ourselves, Crist and Micah and then I passed the fuck out.

It was a good night, I just can't wait until my party - when it's warm out and the cops won't come, but we did tap both the Lager and Birch Beer keg. So I guess it was worth it in the end.

Anyway! I got an interview for the Gallery position and I am babysitting twice a week this summer! I haven't heard back from Macy's yet but it is a holiday weekend. I am babysitting Loralie Thursday and Friday this week. I can't wait to eat ham tomorrow. My brain is so messed up today. Getting dressed was so harddddddd.

I need to continue to lounge and watch Happy Gilmore, Happy EASTER! :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


One out of Three. :]

Tomorrow? Please. Thanks buddy.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Can't sleepppppppppp.

I slept through Photo, but Murphy liked my sketchs and totally approves of my painting. Got a B on my speech! Came home, watched the Hills with Ashley, surprisingly they played two episodes in one night! Weeee. I just watched Dukes of Hazzard twice in a row.

It's Kara's birthday! Wooooo. Ashley's on Thursday! Can't wait until mineeeeeee, when it's warm and we can all go to the cabin! I've got to exercise or try to sleep now, I'm bored out of my mind!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Please God, I know we don't always get along but I really need to pull out some decent grades and get all my projects done on time, there's only a month left. Getting hired at Macy's would really, really help me get my life together. Come on, you can't leave me like this forever, I've been working so hard and being so good. Can't you just be nice for a while? Please??

I just want to finish Freshman year with good, passing grades, get this job, get an apartment and enjoy myself. Is that asking for sooooo much? Really?


Uhhhhh so tonight, Ashley and I went to Friday's for dinner, it was so good. I got mini burgers, potato skins, sweet potato fries and we split an amazinggggggg ice cream sundae. Then we went back to her place, and she made me watch twilight! Edward Cullen is such a creep, LOL. I made fun the whole time, but it wasn't that bad I guess, just really cheesy in certain parts...

Anyway, I got on myspace to show Jess and Ash this twilight parody and I had a message from Eric, telling me to come over. So I text him and ask him whats wrong, since he hasn't talked to me in weeks. He tells me that he's just been thinking about me and really wants to see me, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense since Cory texted me and asked me when I started talking to him and told me he didn't know, so apparently he didn't say the things I was told he said. So I don't really know what happened, but I don't think either one of them wants me to talk to the other, but they'll have to deal.

I'm so tired, I have to finish my speech tomorrow and practice for Monday. Ugh. I wish this semester was over alreadyyyyyy.