Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I often wonder the chance of me being bi-polar. I find myself in half second thoughts, and then the opposite. I hate just about everyone, but when people tailgate construction vehicles I think it's rude. Manners or just plain retarded?

I don't know, but everything is on my nerves.
I can't wait until after Christmas to get Dad moved in and for everything to settle,
and then be clean and happy and relaxing .... and then school will start. Ugh.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Welcome Back

So, I haven't written in 6 months plus, I'll blame it on me actually having a life. Haha, well I guess I have been pretty busy - just finished my first Sophomore semester. Now Winter break is glorious, all I've done is sleep cause I'm sick. But it'll get better.

I live in South now, but Ashley and Anthony are moving the day after Christmas and my dad's moving in for a while. I'm pretty excited but gonna miss Ash and Ant.

Been working at the Movie Gallery since June, it's tolerable. I usually enjoy it.

A little excited for the holiday, but nothing major. I just love new stuff, got my dad a computer for Christmas, just excited to get him moved in and everything organized.

Will hopefully lots of people over break while they're home, and I actually have time to be social.

Other than all this, my life is just as normal as it ever was.
If you'd consider it that. ;)