Monday, June 14, 2010


My boy..... he's so handsome.

He's currently in the bathroom adventuring since yesterday was his first time in there...all I can see are his paws under the door, he's sniffin' real hard.

This is the last week of my English class! Tonight we present our powerpoint and then I have to write my last essay by Thursday afternoon!!!! Then I have no more English classes ever ever again! :)

My aunt Linda's in town, I missed out on yesterday's festivities because of work and homework, but tonight we're gettin' Tags at my sister's. I'm really excited for the food, not so much the company. My dad's sisters are all younger but incredibly rude and not understanding to what our lives have been hacked into. They really disgust me sometimes at the things they say to or about my father.

But hopefully nothing is too drastic and we can enjoy like 3 hours together.

Bunny just landed in my lap. What a nut, I've got to shower and get ready for class.

Yippee Skippy.

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